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February 16th, 2011

Modern Hair Salon Interior Decoration with Modern Furniture Arrangements

contemporary hair salon interior design

contemporary hair salon interior design

Hair Salon Interior – Hair salon interior furniture includes the furniture and equipment used in beauty and hair. Hair salon interior furniture is spread over a number of categories, such as massage and body care, nail care, hair care and skin care. (iw)

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June 14th, 2010

Elegant and luxury Modern Bathtub Design inspiration by Aleksander Mukomelov

Hi-tech Elemental Modern Bathtub Luxury Design

Why modern bathroom next time steps to relax appliance performance. In the ergonomic design of tub, it comes with a remote-controlled mini-computer that can give you the smells, music, touch and even pictures. Water temperature, aromatherapy, and even hydro-massage can be controlled in a single device. Perforated casing modern fancy ornaments that create a sensation of luxury. Designed by Aleksander Mukomelov.

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May 15th, 2010

Modern Nice Hydromassage Bathtub designs by Stas Doyer

Nice Hydromassage Bathtub – L’Alizee by Stas Doyer

You can actually program your own massage and get a moment of great fun in the hydromassage tub. But such high-tech performance and bathtub, L’Alizee is very expensive and you must have a large bathroom to find it because its size is 2.24 ml XW xh 1.05 m 0, m 84 and 280 liters capacity. If you would like more information about this great vessel with water and then you can find it on the site Stas Doyer.

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May 14th, 2010

Modern Interior Design That Gives Feeling of Living on the Coast

Apartment Interior Design That Gives Feeling of Living on the Coast

The lights around the room has three modes: white, blue and green. There are also many metal accessories carefully placed around the room to help with imitiate Li surface water under the bathroom light panels with pictures of the sea. In addition there are roads in the sink done in mosaic tiles are made of pebbles. Tiles is a supporter of the ocean theme and has a massage effect. Kitchen, dining room and hallway done in colors reminiscent of the early autumn Baltic.

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